Embracing Life’s Pizza: Exploring the Untouched Slices

Life is an unpredictable journey with numerous twists and turns. Often, we find ourselves fixated on one aspect, leaving other desires simmering on the back burner. I once experienced this sentiment myself, feeling disheartened as my life at 30 didn’t align with my earlier expectations. However, I came to realize that it’s never too late to savor the different slices of life, much like enjoying a box of pizza. In this blog post, I’ll share my personal story of self-discovery and how I learned to embrace all the diverse facets of existence.

The Sadness of Unfulfilled Desires:

In my early thirties, I couldn’t help but reflect on my twenties, where I had been relentlessly pursuing a successful career while inadvertently ignoring other important aspects of life. I was determined not to be broke, to make my dreams come true, and to find love. But as I approached 30, I found myself still yearning for those missing pieces. It was disheartening, to say the least.

Reevaluating Priorities:

Feeling lost and disheartened, I took a step back to evaluate my priorities and the decisions I had made. I realized that I had postponed my desires, believing that I needed to first get my life “on track” before venturing into new territories. But what does “on track” really mean? Life is not a linear path, and there is no fixed timeline for achieving our dreams.

The Epiphany: Life is Like a Box of Pizza

It was during one introspective moment that a metaphor struck me: life is akin to a box of pizza, with each slice representing a different aspect of our existence. I had been chewing on the “Career” slice for my entire twenties, leaving other pieces of life untouched and unexplored.

Breaking Free from the Mold:

The realization dawned on me; I didn’t need to wait for life to fall into a predetermined mold. Instead, I could embrace all the slices simultaneously, without guilt or judgment. So, I made a conscious decision to start exploring the other areas of life that I had put on hold.

Unshackling from the Date Stamp:

I discarded the notion that life must adhere to a specific timeline. There’s no expiration date on our dreams and desires. I started to travel for leisure rather than merely for work, experiencing new places and cultures without constraint.

Learning to Love and Care for Myself:

I delved into books on self-care and dating, seeking to improve my personal relationships and overall well-being. I realized that self-love and nurturing were essential for leading a fulfilling life.

Dabbling into Investments:

Financial security was another area I hadn’t given much attention to in my twenties. So, I decided to learn about investments and make informed choices for my financial future.


Life’s journey is not about perfection or adhering to societal timelines. It’s about savoring each slice of the pizza that life serves us. Don’t be disheartened if some slices remain untouched for a while. Embrace self-discovery, explore your desires, and live life authentically, free from the confines of date stamps and societal norms. So, I ask you, dear reader, what other slices of pizza have you yet to explore? The buffet of life awaits you!