Feels like it was just yesterday, back in November 2022, when I woke up with this tiny thought: "I've got something to say." That little spark drove me to finish my fourth novel and take it beyond just putting it out there. You know, I've dropped around $25K on marketing, writing, and online courses, but honestly, who has time to binge-watch all those videos? But the "I Have Something to Say" bug really bit me, and it wouldn't let go.

So, I decided to do something about it. I took all that I'd soaked up over the last ten years and actually put it into action. And guess what? I started seeing results in, hold your breath, under six months! Now, don't get me wrong, it wasn't a cakewalk, and the toughest part was keeping the faith. But you know what kept me going? Seeing my course and book earnings landing in my bank account every single month.

Can't say it's all me, though. Shoutout to my accountability partners who wouldn't let me slide into procrastination mode. I slapped some serious deadlines on myself and was dead set on flipping my life's script from being just a dreamer to becoming an influencer in less time than it takes to binge-watch a series. And guess what? You're up next!

Let's team up and get you on that influencer pedestal in your arena. Now, why is this gig any different from those other courses that wanna squeeze out 20 grand from you? Here's the deal: I'll be with you, side by side, every step of the way. No endless videos to snooze through, no emails left hanging. Just me and you, working together to make you a respected player in your field, all for way less moolah!

  • Write a Book

    Share your story, help others! Transform your knowledge into a captivating book.  Writing a book is a great way to solidify your authority in a particular field, but how do you get started?

  • Create an Online Course

    Educate nationally or globally! Package your knowledge into online courses and make passive INCOME. Having a course allows mentees to return to your course when they need a refresher.

  • Book Speaking Engagements

    Impact the stage! Connect with people in-person and share your passion for your topic! Learn how/where to choose speaking engagements and create your own speaking platforms while expanding influence.

  • And Repeat it!

    Repeat success! Cycling through Strategies 1-3 amplifies influence in your field, become the go-to educator, and shapes a lasting legacy for you and your family.

I Will Teach You How To:

🌟 Not everyone gets this opportunity, as we believe in quality over quantity. To ensure the best fit, each person is required to complete a brief consultation call and application. Our commitment to personalized attention means we can only accommodate a limited number of clients each year – and the next cycle begins in October 2023.

If your application is approved, you'll secure the coveted Founding Influencer discount rate – a whopping 50% Off! But here's the catch: the Founding Influencer deal won't last forever. Act now to secure your spot and take advantage of this remarkable offer. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your aspirations into reality. Become an author, inspire audiences as a speaker, and create a thriving online coaching presence, all in under 8 months. Seize the opportunity today and step onto the path of lasting influence!

365 My Influence

I'll Coach You One-on-One to Write, Publish, Build, & Profit!

Step-by-Step Strategy Calls

Experience direct guidance with our One-on-One Strategy Calls. Tailored to your goals and challenges, these sessions create a custom roadmap for your success.

Access to Templates

Save time, ensure consistency, and simplify design. Customize without fuss, maintain branding, and launch impactful campaigns efficiently. Elevate your marketing with visually appealing templates.

Resources & Tools

Tap into an array of carefully curated resources and tools. These assets, refined over years, provide the knowledge, skills, and guidance to excel. From marketing templates to expert guides, this toolkit is designed to propel your journey, saving time and effort. My commitment to your success is evident in this invaluable resource pool.

Get As Seen on ...

Being featured on respected news outlets instantly enhances your credibility and builds trust among audiences who recognize these reputable sources. It's not just about validation; it's an opportunity to expand your reach to their extensive audience base, while also opening doors to networking and collaborations. Your brand gains exposure, media attention, and an elevated image through these prestigious endorsements, solidifying your position as a trusted and noteworthy entity.

Private Community Group

Access shared wisdom, motivation, accountability, networking, Q&A sessions, ongoing learning, a safe space, and empowering connections. Join us and supercharge your journey!

Podcast Launch & More

Launching a podcast amplifies your voice, fosters authority, and connects you with global audiences. Being interviewed positions you as an expert, enhances credibility, and expands your network. Both options empower you to share insights, tell your story, and broaden your impact on a diverse digital stage.

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